Holding of the world's biggest VR event "Virtual Market"
Virtual Market
The Virtual Market is the largest virtual reality (VR) event in the world and the main event series we host in the virtual space. The corporate booths at Virtual Market see many visitors and provide a place to conduct R&D for new VR projects, a new channel to monetize digital assets, and a new opportunity to market goods in VR.
”Para-real Project” Make 100 Real Cities Worldwide on Metaverse
Parareal World Project
Para-real is a term created by HIKKY, combining “parallel universe” and “real,” meant to convey an existence paralleling the real world with the metaverse.The Para-real World Project fuses the best of reality with the unique expression of the metaverse, and aims to redefine cities of the real world in the metaverse to propose an alternate environment synergizing the real world and the metaverse.
Solving all corporate issues with XR
XR solution business
Our VR development projects provide clients with production capabilities and development technologies that support the Virtual Market business. Through these projects, we plan and develop optimal VR solutions that meet our customers' needs. We are proud of our impressive track record in VR development, such as VR commerce utilized for sales at VR events.
VR engine that supports the development of in-house services using virtual space
Vket Cloud business
We provide a VR engine that enables service development in our own virtual space. Easy access from a smartphone web link, voice and chat communication using 3D avatars, and various services on the white label in a beautiful virtual space are possible.
Production and management of virtual live performances of artists in VR space
VR LIVE business
We've lent support and creation of VR venues and effects for virtual concerts including international guitar star MIYAVI and PKCZ. We proactively implement ideas born from conversations with the band members, make new expressions of music combining the real and virtual worlds possible.
Providing a site for selling and purchasing digital assets linked to VR space
Vket Store business
Our e-commerce website where creators can sell 3D avatars and other digital items. This store and our Virtual Market events are a new way for creators to connect with their customers directly and monetize 3D assets, including games and animations, for the first time.