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Introduction of The Management Team

Yasushi Funakoshi
After leaving a major telecommunications company, he entered the creative field, which had always been his dream. Since 2008, he has been trying to utilise the potential of creators outside of the existing market. He has achieved success in all scenes and established several corporations that handle various content production, advertising services, and service development, from hardware to games, animation, films, and so on. In 2018, he established HIKKY, which specializes in the metaverse business, and has been organizing the Virtual Market, which has been visited by more than one million people, setting a Guinness World Record™. Based on the industry's largest number of companies' metaverse commercialization achievements, provides metaverse solutions such as market entry consulting, VR space content production, and real-life linked service development. Also provides Vket Cloud, a completely original metaverse development engine that runs on a web browser.


The demand for VR is growing rapidly all over the world, and HIKKY has provided many groundbreaking services using VR since its establishment. In the process, we have developed new markets with a new generation of creators who use VR as a platform for expression, and we have promoted XR business outside the VR field by utilizing our accumulated technology and know-how. All of these were challenging endeavors with virtually no precedent, but we have now grown to the point where we are sought after both in Japan and overseas. We feel that this is the result of the support of our wonderful creators, our powerful staff and our understanding partner corporations. We are still a newborn company, and we will continue to reflect and improve step by step, but we will do our best to create a dreamlike world and new values together with you all.
Ryuichi Kida
Graduated from the Faculty of Science, master course of Kyoto University. As an illustrator “Kurogin”, is also involved in the character and mechanical design for various anime and game titles. In 2018, he joined HIKKY. With both creative senses and logical thinking, he is the general management of business and services.
Mika Sawae
Mika changed her career from professional hair and makeup artist to an illustrator. Through event planning and management, which has been her forte since her student days, she has connected with many creators and communities and has continued to create multi-content. Through the development of smartphone games and promotional work for Walt Disney and other companies, Mika became an art director and created many hit contents. She is responsible for the entire creative process of HIKKY, which started working in the VR space at the end of 2017. She is a mother of two, and her daughter recognizes the avatar used by her mother as her mother as well.
Phio The Moving Castle
CVO (Chief Virtual Officer)
Phio is the founder of Virtual Market (Vket), the world's largest VR event. After working for a major advertising agency and an entertainment venture company, in February 2018, he discovered the possibilities of living in VR space and started working in avatar form. Currently working as a producer responsible for Vket's worldview and concept design, etc., he advocates a future that establishes a living and economic sphere in VR space and published "Metaverse Revolution: How to Create a Virtual Economic Sphere" in 2022.
Yudai Senoo
Senoo has been working as a programmer at a well-established game company since he was 19 years old, developing in-house game engines and compilers for PC games, and has been involved in the release of more than 70 games. He joined HIKKY in September 2020 and is currently leading the development of the proprietary metaverse engine "Vket Cloud".
Junko Musha
Musha joined HIKKY in 2020 and is responsible for the planning and promotion of management philosophy and business strategy, new business development, organization and system building, and the foundation of the business. She is committed to building businesses based on an original value standard that balances creativity and business potential, and to creating a working environment that will enable the company to grow.


100 million *excluding capital reserves
Yasushi Funakoshi
4F Mitomi Building, 1-20-22 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013, Japan